Community Life

The Home Life

Fresh flowers and beautiful art fill the homes with a warm, therapeutic environment that supports the well-being of each individual and the community. Domestic and life skills are cultivated through meal preparation and shared upkeep of the homes.

Hannah and Annie Preparing Brunch.
Annie Getting the Morning Coffee Ready

A typical home at Heartbeet consists of 3-4 special needs adults, two long term coworkers, some with children, and 2-4 short term volunteers, all working as a team.

Life In Vermont

Vermont is a year-round haven for sports and outdoor fun. Our land provides trails for walking, hiking and snowshoeing. There are ponds and pools to cool off in the summer months while others look forward to winter days of adaptive skiing and snowboarding. The town of Craftsbury is home to the world-famous Craftsbury Outdoor Center where community members can enjoy Cross Country Skiing. There is also time to relax and take a deep breath at weekly yoga classes held in our Hall.

Artistic Studios

Community members develop skills and express themselves creatively through our Felting, Paper Making, and Woodworking craft studios. All natural fibers are used to create beautiful items such as wall hangings, cards, frames, and birdhouses. Many of our products are sold at craft fairs and galleries not only to create a revenue stream to keep the studios viable but also provide Heartbeet artisans with the experience of making a contribution to the wider world.

Artisan Handwork
Volunteers & Friends use died sheep's wool to collaborate on one of a kind felted paintings, garlands, and dolls.
Artisan Wood Working
Friends and Volunteers gain wood working skill while collaborating on Tables, Picture Frames, Cutting Boards, Kitchen Ware, and Home Decor.
Paper Making
Up-cycled Paper Crafts
Volunteers and Coworkers collaboratively create books, cards, and jewelry crafted from handmade paper.

Music is also an important part of community life whether it is through our singing classes or individuals practicing their favorite instruments.