Householder/Co-Householder for Small House at Heartbeet


Heartbeet Lifesharing, nestled on 100 acres of biodynamic farmland and forests in the Green mountains of northern Vermont, is an innovative intentional community that includes people with a wide range of capabilities – including people with intellectual and developmental disabilities – living, learning, and working side-by-side. In our mutually supportive inclusive community, we fill our days sharing in work on the land and in our artisan craft studios, nourishing each other with wholesome food, lively celebrations, and reciprocal relationships. 

With two decades of growth since our founding, Heartbeat is entering its second phase of existence. If you are an inquiring and passionate spirit with a steady, conscientious disposition, there is room here to make an important contribution to a very special community.

Each home at Heartbeet is unique. Householders are responsible for co-creating and maintaining beautiful therapeutic homes for people of all abilities. You will live with adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities who make their home at Heartbeet and with volunteers from all over the world who come to give 1 or more years of service. Larger households typically consist of 3-4 adults who have a disability, 2-3 service year volunteers, and 1-2 house leaders (and their children, if they have any). Smaller households typically consist of 1-2 adults who have a disability, 1 service year volunteer and 1-2 house leaders. Heartbeet is currently seeking applicants to run such a smaller household.

Heartbeet’s common striving is to create a stable, health-enhancing, joyful environment where individuals can meet as whole human beings and find their needs met holistically and collaboratively.


An interest in living and working with people who have intellectual disabilities in a life-sharing community is essential. 

Additionally, applicants must have:

      • Practical home making skills (i.e. cooking, care of the house, driving, scheduling) 
      • Excellent interpersonal communication skills
      • The ability to respectfully train and guide new volunteers who also support your house
      • A willingness to grow is essential and a sense of humor is also important.

A background or interest in Anthroposophy or Waldorf Education is helpful but not required. Previous experience working with a vulnerable population is also very helpful, but not required.  Prior Camphill experience is preferred but not required.  

Many successful Heartbeet householders have been passionate about pursuits such as:

      • Sustainable agriculture
      • Healthy living and staying in touch with nature’s rhythms,
      • Authentic engagement with people who have a wide range of abilities, challenges and backgrounds
      • Spirituality and holistic community living

Families with children are encouraged to apply. 


Householders’ will uphold and model/embody the values of the Heartbeet community, including: lifelong learning, cooperation, compassionate communication, consensus-building, accountability and trust, hospitality, flexibility, consistency, conscientiousness, and servant leadership.

Duties include but are not limited to:

      • Ensuring exceptional day-to-day care for adults with disabilities
      • Providing mentorship and training to the new volunteers supporting your work
      • Coordinating, in collaboration with your team of volunteers, meal planning, laundry, housecleaning, grocery shopping, and health care services
      • Providing direct care and hygiene support and ensuring that volunteers are properly trained to do the same
      • Communicating consistently and graciously with parents
      • Maintaining records and other household administrative tasks, including the household budget
      • Facilitating and/or creating social activities and special celebrations
Participation is expected in select meetings and decision-making groups that support and nurture the well-being of Heartbeet community life.

What we Provide

Householders are provided with a personal/family needs budget to cover living expenses. In addition, the community provides:

      • Room, board, and utilities in our beautiful extended family homes with a dedicated household car. Heartbeet houses have attractive semi-private wings for householder living.
      • For householders who stay at least 24 months, Heartbeet provides generous financial transition assistance.
      • Heartbeet householders pay into the Social Security system and in addition Heartbeet sets aside funds in its own budget each year to build the personalized retirement funding that is available to each householder after three years of service.
      • Assistance with student loan debt of up to $250/month.
      • Medical insurance through the state of Vermont.
      • Waldorf school education for children is available locally and supported through the personal needs budget.
      • Up to 2 days of personal time per week, and up to 4 weeks of paid vacation per year.
      • Farm-fresh meals, largely made with organic and biodynamic ingredients.
      • A beautiful natural environment on a working organic farm near the charming Vermont village of Hardwick.
      • Funded educational opportunities including national and international conferences and workshops in addition to on-site training and mentorship.

Additional Information

Training is provided in the following areas: Social Therapy, first aid & CPR, effective communication with adults with special needs, fire safety, mandatory reporting, and communication with parents and referral agencies to meet our licensing requirements.  Ongoing mentoring is provided for Householders through the first 3 years.

The intention of this opportunity is to explore a longer-term position within the Heartbeet Lifesharing community.

For more information or to apply, please contact:

Marcianna Morse / Lead Householder
Phone: 802-472-3285
Email: [email protected]