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Heartbeet makes Saveur Magazine Cover

Heartbeet Kitchen

Heartbeet has been featured on Saveur Magazine, a national food magazine based in New York City. Saveur, now in its 20th year, is a magazine that explores and celebrates not just recipes and cooking, but the stories behind those things – the cultures, families, individuals, histories, that give rise to the food we make and […]

Within the Knotty Pine Walls: A Barn Story

Nestled in the center of our lifesharing community, the Heartbeet Barn is a characteristic Vermont icon. A distinctive atmosphere emanates from within the knotty pine walls of the native rough cut timber structure, which provides much more than warmth and shelter for our animals. It also encompasses all the memories of countless stories told, of […]

Heartbeet Community Center Update

We are once again in our spring transition. This long snowy winter gave us time to catch our breath, settle in and forge new friendships. It was punctuated with new forms of celebration — an amazing New Year’s party in Kaspar House with Björn’s fireworks and the best awards ever given; a Fasching party with […]

Heartbeet Lifesharing Community

This video is about a 160 acre farm in rural Hardwick, Vermont where the able and the disabled work together. It is a testimonial to the fact that we are all divine, no matter what our differences may be. This is an important story in the face of the state of our nation today as […]

A Tragedy at Heartbeet

At Heartbeet with feelings of blessing that nobody was hurt we are a community sharing a deep sense of loss and sadness. On January 26th 2013, at around 4:45pm Marcianna Beyer coming down the hill with her friend Sean smelled smoke and spotted flames coming out of the roof of Heartbeet’s new home still currently […]