Capital Campaign

A New Home For the Heartbeet Woodshop

Heartbeet is raising $250,000 to build a new home for its Therapeutic Woodshop. The Woodshop will be nestled in the heart of the farm. The building will be 40X50 feet and have expansive views of Heartbeet’s lush hay pasture.  

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The Mission

The Mission of this studio space is to serve the Heartbeet Community as a therapeutic space where both typical learning adults and adults with special needs can in collaboration acquire the vocational training and experience to become and operate the Heartbeet Woodshop as professional artisan woodworkers.

The Vision

Imagine walking into a beautifully lit 40 X 50 Woodshop with the sweet smell of sawdust in the air and the individuals working in pairs or groups, consciously learning and collaborating on various projects. As you enter the Woodshop you will find a hook to hang up your coat grab an apron and don your safety gear. As you look out across the open room you will notice that the shop has been designed with a clear and intentional workflow, imprinted directly into its floor plan. Processing machinery; table saw, planer, jointer, chop saw, etc. are the first tools you will see in the layout with a generous amount of space so that 12-16 foot lumber is easily processed without disrupting the work of others in the shop. in the back you will find half of the shop you will find project-oriented machinery; band saw, drill press, lathe, sanders, CNC, etc. accompanied by mobile workbenches to ensure that the space can always be configured to meet the needs of the project at hand. On the right side of the shop, you will find a bathroom, mechanical room, and large finish room with a 6′ sliding door and exhaust system to handle the final touches; paints, stains, oils, glues, etc. for any project. Finally, you will see a double door exit at the back allowing for a seamless flow for projects to enter, make their way through the shop, and exit, without disrupting any ongoing process.

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Areas Of Focus

Tables and Chairs

Artisans will walk into the Heartbeet Woodshop and have the ability to access the materials to craft one of three styles of tables; in; end table, coffee table, and dining room table.

The Woodshop will also offer 2 styles of dining chairs to accompany the dining room table offerings.

Kitchen Ware

Heartbeet Artisans will craft an array beautiful one of a kind pieces including; knives, cutting boards, ice cream scoops, coffee scoops, pie servers, salt and pepper shakers/mills, and salad tongs.


Artisans will be creating handcrafted frames from up-cycled and sustainably forested lumber right from Heartbeet’s own forest management plan for the felting studio and to produce standard picture size frames.


Heartbeet plans to install a CNC router to machine toy parts and get artisans involved in collaborating on the design of intricate and fine finish work while producing hardwood toys with a unique one of a kind, hand crafted finish, built to last generations.