Heartbeet Stands With Black Lives Matter

In the Camphill movement, we understand our mission in terms of “Three Essentials”: an active recognition of the wholeness and dignity of every human being; a commitment to self-development in the service of others; and the striving to create inclusive community. Heartbeet Lifesharing with the Camphill Association of North America holds these as ideals towards which we must constantly strive, inevitably fall short and faithfully pursue. 

In our time, and for centuries past, these ideals have been corrupted through violence against Black people and Black communities.  As community builders, we have a responsibility to confront where we have been complicit in this violence, unlearn patterns of exclusion and oppression and stand rightfully in solidarity with Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color.  We must commit to this work within our own community; we intend to meet that task today and into the future.

We will turn to the work of Black leaders, thinkers, activists, artists, and community builders who have prepared the way.  Their striving makes our striving possible. Their vision informs how the Three Essentials of our movement can truly manifest in the world.

Black lives are essential to the mission and the ideals of Heartbeet and the Camphill Movement of North America.  Heartbeet stands with Black Lives Matter.