A Tragedy at Heartbeet

At Heartbeet with feelings of blessing that nobody was hurt we are a community sharing a deep sense of loss and sadness. On January 26th 2013, at around 4:45pm Marcianna Beyer coming down the hill with her friend Sean smelled smoke and spotted flames coming out of the roof of Heartbeet’s new home still currently under construction. The house was about 85% complete with a projected move in date of late March, early April. 911 were called and a generous number of firemen and departments arrived within a very short time. By early evening the fire was thought to be extinguished and night set in with the understanding that the house had sustained serious damage but was repairable.

Eric Tidblom was woken at 4am by a noise, which sounded like a loud explosion and in looking out of his window he saw the house was fully ignited. 911 was called again and the local Hardwick fire department returned to what was this time an unsalvageable situation, little if anything of what is left can be kept! We do have insurance and the claim process has been started; more on that front will be brought later.

Over the next days we will be focusing on a plan B for our new families and friends and although we are deeply saddened by this experience we know that it already is and will bring our community together, along with all those extended community members who by pulling together will make us stronger than we can imagine.

Our needs at this moment are somewhat unknown and as the situation unfolds we will be in touch.