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Heartbeet Lifesharing is an intentional therapeutic community committed to creating a healing environment for all. Whether you are looking for a formal training program, a short-term community service experience, or a new fully committed lifestyle for you and your family, you will discover that Heartbeet offers all of these possibilities.

Each year Heartbeet welcomes volunteers from the United States and around the world. Volunteers live with and support adults with developmental disabilities in all aspects of community life. This includes agricultural support on our farm and in the garden, preparing meals and cleaning house, helping with personal hygiene, and taking part in outings to cultural and social events in the local area. Flexibility, enthusiasm, patience, respect for others, and openness to different lifestyles and different ways of seeing the world are all essential qualities for a successful volunteer experience.

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As a Volunteer You Will

  • Interact with people from a variety of cultural backgrounds
  • Live in a warm caring environment with people who acknowledge the sanctity of our natural surroundings
  • Have regular opportunities to pursue daily activity in the fields of homemaking, felting, papermaking, cooking / food processing and land activities that includes organic gardening and farming.
  • Enjoy an environment that is varied and challenging and will provide opportunities for expanding your abilities

A Multi Cultural Community

Heartbeet welcomes volunteers from all over world which enrich the communities cultural life. See where heartbeet volunteers come from.

Living Together

Over 50 Heartbeet community members, live side by side, creating a caring community for people of all ages and varied abilities. Located on 150 acres of farm, gardens, and woodlands in the Northeast Kingdom, of Vermont. Heartbeet is also a model for sound ecological living and a local center for culture with a new inclusive Community Center.

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Volunteer Life

Heartbeet warmly welcomes volunteers who are looking for an experience that will enrich life on all levels. An experience in a Camphill Community can be rewarding in unimaginable ways that have a lifetime impact. The challenges that will inevitably unfold in a volunteer year in community offer each individual the opportunity to grow empathy and understanding of difference. Living in the Lifesharing model will allow you to develop new social skills and experience a different way of life. Your contribution will be deeply appreciated. All of us in the community recognize the enormous importance of our short-term volunteers, who invariably bring energy, enthusiasm, vibrancy and friendship; warming the community, adding richness and color. Each year there are volunteers in Heartbeet from all parts of the world. Volunteers will meet and connect with our committed long-term volunteers. While the long-term volunteers bear primary responsibility for carrying the mission of Heartbeet, you will join them in shouldering the daily support and social rhythms that comprise community life.

Rhythm And Routine

Everyone living in Heartbeet is asked and expected to do what they can to help with the needs of the community. You will be asked to help with household chores; dishwashing, cooking, laundry and cleaning. The household routine is similar to any family household, with each member holding some level of responsibility. You will be asked to assist and support those that need help in performing their chores.

Volunteers help those that need support with their personal hygiene, such as supervising, bathing, tooth brushing, or dressing. In the morning you will be participating in one of the crew, studio, or home spaces of the community with companions that may need support in their tasks, usually under the guidance of a more experienced volunteer.

Heartbeet activities focus in on the farm, garden, estate, community kitchen, home economics, felting, papermaking, and forestry. You will support adults with special needs and other volunteers, applying your skills or learning by doing. Our life revolves around the practical, rather than the theoretical side of social therapy.

An Experience One Of A Kind

If you are looking for a deeply enriching experience living and supporting with adults with special needs in a warm and supportive community located in a beautiful rural landscape, Heartbeet Lifesharing Community may be right for you. You will receive education, training, and support during your stay, as well three weeks off for vacation

Years of Service

A year of service provides the opportunity to develop social skills, to care for other human beings and for the land in healing and nourishing ways, to learn new skills in the areas of cooking, crafts (papermaking, felting, and weaving), biodynamic gardening and farming and more. For some it may be a time to reflect on your life choices, to change directions and find inspiration. For young people from abroad, it is a chance to meet a new culture and enhance English language skills. For all, it can be a life-changing experience that will provide nourishment and inspiration for future life. Volunteers do not receive a salary, but room and board expenses are covered.


  • 18 years of age or older
  • Good social skills
  • Valid driver’s license

For more information about volunteering at Heartbeet Lifesharing or to apply, please contact:

Hannah Eye / Director of Admissions
Phone: 802-472-3285 / Fax: 802-472-6863
Email: [email protected]

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Heartbeet Lifesharing does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, or disability.