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Summer 2014: A Growing Season

From left: Annie Volmer (development coordinator), Jessie Barber (gardener) and Charlie Nardozzi

Written by Jessie Barber The 2014 “growing” season has been just that, in more than one sense of the word.  Currently spanning about one and a half acres and feeding the 45 people who call Heartbeet home, the Heartbeet gardens were bustling with activity and hard work this summer.  Regular workshop crews included as many […]

Heartbeet Barn Raising

Heartbeet barn raising

A truly remarkable and important community building experience.  On Tuesday, July 8th, which was a brilliant picturesque summer morning, everyone in the Heartbeet community gathered to help collectively “raise” a wall for our new barn addition.  The barn wall and addition is harvested timber of rough-cut spruce and fir from the Heartbeet property that was […]

Friends and Family Day 2014


     Rewind to June 2013, Vermont hasn’t seen this much rain for over 100 years and what seemed like hilarious jokes about building an Ark instead of a community center are taking on a more serious tone every day! My finger crossing about 2014’s weather begin early in the year because even the tent […]