Home Away from Home

It’s been a wonderful time visiting my home and my extended family in Hardwick.

I arrived tired and exhausted from the final exams of my first semester at university. And for sure I’ll leave with recharged batteries and motivation to proceed. Spending time with people I love, makes me appreciate every moment that I can experience here. It’s a big pleasure to be able to join the community at a very busy time of the year. And to be a part of many changes and projects like the barn. My time in this beautiful place leading towards a very important event for my beloved friends, Tony aka T-Bone and Jessie Preibisch has been my highlight of 2014. At this point I wanted to thank both of you again for inviting me.

Dominik (Dome), left and Mac
Dominik (Dome), left and Mac

Heartbeet is – and will stay –  a place to rest and to feel good.

On my arrival day I fit right back in and it felt like I never left Heartbeet.

Which makes me even more comfortable about leaving again, because I know that I always can come back. With this in my mind I’m hoping to be visiting as soon as possible again.

Much love and the best wishes from my heart.

Dominik Kerschl (coworker, Germany, 2012-2013)


My time visiting Heartbeet was like visiting a home away from home.  Seeing everyone, old and new, with open arms and warm hearts is one of the many reasons for visiting each a year.  Every time I visit, I learn more about myself and others by sharing and listening to everyone’s experiences over the last year.  Heartbeet is a place for me to rejuvenate, recollect my feelings and soul.  Being able to take my Heartbeet experiences back home is a great thing. Sharing my Heartbeet experiences with my family, friends, and students is something I will always look to in the many more visits to come.

Mackenzie Schneider, AmeriCorps volunteer (2010-2011)